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The meeting is generally on the second floor of the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library on 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609.

Ground Breaking Police Policy Faces First Test

Justice4Pedie is Justice4All

In January 2016, the Richmond City Council responded to a grassroots social justice movement by establishing a new police accountability policy desiigned to protect Richmond residents from unjust police violence by holding police accountable for such actions. The new procedure requires a special investigaion, independent of the Police and District Attorney, of any police killing or serious injury caused by police. If successful, this new policy could inspire other cities across America to follow its example as a measure to stop the epdemic of unjust police violence that plagues our nation.

The first test of this landmark policy will be the case of Pedie Perez, a young man shot and killed by Richmond Police Officer Jensen on September 14, 2014, leading to widespread community concern over a possible cover-up.

The social justice movement, the people of Richmond, and the whole nation are watching. Attend this public forum which will outline the facts of this case, the progress of the investigation, and the implications for the broader struggle for justice here in Richmond and across the nation.

Justice4Pedie Community Meeting

Featured speakers include:

Jovanka Beckles
Vice Mayor, City of Richmond; Candidate for State Assembly, 15 AD (2018)

Eduardo Martinez
Councilmember, Richmond City Council

Other community leaders are being invited

Saturday, June 24, 2017 4-6 PM
Doors open at 3:30, forum starts promptly at 4 pm
Richmond Public Library, Whittlesey Community Room
325 Civic Center Plaza. Richmond, CA 94804

Co-sponsored by: Richmond Progressive Alliance, Oscar Grant Committee, and Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter

For info: Gene Ruyle 510-332-3865 or email: [email protected]

Labor donated by OGC Volunteers 6/14/2017

There is a Need for the 'Value Human Life' Bill

Pedie Perez, murdered by the Richmond PolicePlease sign the Change.org petition below:

Proposed Initiative Measure for a Value Human Life Bill

We the undersigned see a dire need for change. The average American taxpayer understands that communities need good police officers and they are willing to compensate them with a great salary and benefits for their commitment to protect and serve. As law-abiding taxpayers and residents of those communities, we are no longer willing to tolerate our tax dollars being used to reward cowardly-incompetent police officers.

An incompetent officer, is an officer equipped with a bullet proof vest, pepper spray, a taser, a baton, a radio to call for assistance, a canine police-companion and training in hand-to-hand combat, but favors using deadly force; knowing that the police department will rally in support of their actions, simply because they are members of the same union.

Since 1974, police officers have benefited tremendously from having additional rights bestowed upon them, through the passage of Joe Biden's Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights. Yet, the taxpayers have not gained any additional protection under the law. As a result, each year there are hundreds of officer involved homicides, which the general public overwhelmingly believes were 100% preventable. 

Despite having an understanding of basic criminal laws and tactical training, the number of people killed by the police, is a clear indication that there is a need for legislation to protect citizens. We need protection from officers who have undetected mental illness, egos, unknown biases and the propensity to kill although other options are available. There is no test that can accurately detect those character traits because no one can be certain of what’s in a person’s heart.

As taxpayers, who are concerned about everyone’s safety, it is time to reaffirm the value of human life by putting our support behind a Value Human Life Bill.

Value Human Life Bill 

First, police officers who kill or cause serious injury to an unarmed civilian must be suspended without pay during the investigation. Due to the nature of the job, officers should be required to carry insurance that will help their families financially if this were to happen. A police officer's CalPERS Industrial Disability Insurance will not be pre-funded by tax dollars. 

Second, police departments cannot investigate themselves. The blue code of silence and cover-up is blatant, and it's evident in the long list of no conviction cases. There are too many cases where charges are not filed by top officials despite physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, contradicting the police department's statement of events. The investigation process must include an immediate toxicology exam. In addition, unedited civilian video recordings must be considered evidence. 

Third, police officers who fire upon an unarmed or legally armed civilian who is not in the act of committing a felony offense will be fired, and charges brought against that officer. They do not get to continue their careers within law enforcement. Taxpayers will not cover the cost of that officer's legal defense. 

Fourth, the number of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American police should be proportionate and reflective of the members of that particular city. Officers should be working in pairs, with those officers identifying as two different races.

 Written with love, signed in blood. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions regarding this petition, please visit justice4pedie.com or Email K. Harley [email protected] or Patricia Perez at [email protected].

This petition will be delivered to:


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New Stuff on the Site

Video: ILWU March & Rally Against Police Brutality San Francisco, Mayday 2016
Video: Justice for Mario Woods: interviews with hunger strikers
Document: Anti Police-Terror Project's investigation of the Demouria Hogg killing (June 6, 2015, Oakland)

Resolution passed May 3, 2016

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression opposes and condemns the use of collective punishment by any police or military force. We consider such policies war crimes against the people of the world.

We oppose and condemn any politician, Donald Trump or any other who advocates such a war crime as policy. We must fight them every step of the way.

The Nazis routinely practiced collective punishment in their conquered territories, sometimes wiping out entire villages. NEVER AGAIN!

Resolutions passed on April 5 2016

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression opposes and condemns Donald Trump's call for increased state repression of U.S. Government prisoners through the use of waterboarding and other even harsher methods of torture. The progressive movement must vigorously oppose these torture techniques as a dangerous move in the direction of a repressive police state.

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression recognizes and endorses Senator Bernie Sanders's call to investigate every police killing of an unarmed civilian and any death of a prisoner in police custody. We support building a mass movement to implement these demands.

New video & pictures: Hernan Jaramillo

New video & depositions: Pedie Perez

Recent reports/press

Press Conference/Speakout: Justice for Pedie Perez!

Press Conference
Activists gathered with the Perez family before the Richmond City Council meeting to explain why they are insisting that the city conduct a truly independent investigation of the fatal shooting of Pedie Perez on Sept. 14 2014 by Richmond Police officer Wallace Jensen. They then spoke during the Council's Open Forum period.

Oscar Grant Anniversary 1/1/16

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

SF Police Commission Meeting Following Mario Woods Shooting

Gerald S., Stan W., and Steve J. of the Oscar Grant Committee went to the SF Police Commission meeting on 12/9/15 following the shooting of Mario woods and gave this report:

[Gerald Smith:]
At 5 pm Wednesday nite there was a rally on the front step of SF City Hall. About 500 attended this rally and tried to get in the SF Police Commission meeting. Our forces, the working class opposition to police brutality, were not well organized, as per the related events that preceded this meeting (the Vigil 12/3/15 about 1,000 participants, the Town Hall Meeting 12/4/15 just under 1,000 participants) Because there were so many people the SF Police Commission bureaucrats had to set up an overflow room in which was a TV screen broadcasting the Police Commission meeting.

[Stan Woods:]
The racial/ethnic composition was good with at least half of the crowd black, latino, and asian. Approx. half of the crowd was white. Also, many youth participated.

[Steve Jacobsen:]
There was a crowd of protesters at SF City Hall, many speaking to the Police Commission. About 200-300 couldn't get into the hearing, but they stayed in the hallway doing mike-checks. Several young women led the crowd yelling chants for Police Chief Suhr and Mayor Ed Lee to resign. They were fired up. They fired up everybody in the building. It is the spark to create the fire that will result into another Ferguson. Also the people called for the six guilty officers to be indicted for this murderous crime. It felt like the beginning of the Sixties.

Original video of shooting (16 sec)

Advise Show News (11 min)

San Jose Mercury News story on Policemen's union statement regarding the shooting (with video)

Vigil for Kendall Walker in Vacaville

Friends, family recall man who died in police shooting

ACLU App Empowers People against Police Brutality

The app is a tool to preserve documentation of police brutality.

The Californian branch of the civil liberties group ACLU launched a free smart phone app on Thursday to guarantee they can document and preserve recorded instances of police brutality.

The app allows ordinary people to both record and document encounters with state authorities from their cellphones while having it instantaneously transmitted to the ACLU’s servers. In light of past instances in which authorities have deliberately confiscated or destroyed such evidence, the app would guarantee the recordings’ preservation. It also allows people to send an alert to anyone in close range to the incident in order to potentially facilitate an organized community response. Get it here.

Videos, Witness Statements in Pedie Perez Shooting

Pedie enters store
Videos of Pedie's shooting and death

The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality & State Repression (OGC) is a grassroots democratic organization that was formed as a conscious united front for justice against police brutality. The OGC is involved in the struggle for police accountability and is committed to stopping police brutality.

In alliance with the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) we organized the October 23, 2010 labor and community rally for Justice for Oscar Grant. On that day the ILWU shut down the Bay Area ports in solidarity. Our mission is to educate, organize and mobilize people against police and state repression. Sisters and brothers! The Oscar Grant Committee invites you to join us in this vital struggle.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Neibyl Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Avenue (near Alcatraz) in Oakland. For more information please call us at 925/798-3698 or e-mail us.
You can join our discussion list by sending a blank (doesn't even need a subject) email to [email protected]
Where we meet: 65th & Telegraph, about halfway between Ashby & Rockridge BART stations
Map: 65th & Telegraph
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