Our monthly meeting date is the First Monday of each month. The meeting is generally at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in Oakland, CA and starts at 7 PM.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 4th, 2019 (at 7 PM)

Campaign For Community Power To Decide OPD's Military Equipment

Community Town Hall
Thursday, October 3, 7:00 PM program
First Congregational Church, 2601 Harrison St, Oakland

Many communities are concerned about police departments' acquisition and deployment of military-grade equipment in events ranging from public protests to parades and service of drug warrants. In Oakland, the use of grenade-like projectiles, armored vehicles, and military-grade assault weapons by OPD officers has resulted in harm to residents, controversy, and costly lawsuits. In March 2018, Oakland police used the tank-like BearCat armored vehicle as a shooting platform and AR-15 rifles in the killing of Joshua Pawlik.

Oakland PD uses force disproportionately against black residents. And several studies conclude that police departments that acquire military-grade equipment are more likely to use violence and are no more successful in reducing crime.

Yet Oakland has no policy for the acquisition or use of militarized equipment. Oakland PD can acquire and use military equipment of all kinds - anywhere, at any time, with no policy for its use or public reporting of what is has or how it is used. Now Oakland has an opportunity to exercise community control over the militarization of policing in Oakland, by adopting an ordinance that will require approval by the City Council for the acquisition of military equipment, and use policies and reporting for military equipment that OPD has or obtains.

The proposed ordinance will require that the civilian Oakland Police Commission review proposed acquisitions and use policies for armored vehicles, assault weapons, weaponized aircraft, battering rams, sonic weapons, and flashbang grenades. This will apply to equipment that OPD acquires with grants or with purchases from the city budget. The proposal is modeled on Oakland’s surveillance equipment ordinance.

Supporting organizations (list in formation):
ACLU; American Friends Service Committee; Anti Police Terror Project; Coalition for Police Accountability; Human Impact Partners; Oakland Privacy Working Group (you!); Oscar Grant Committee; Restore Oakland; Secure Justice; 67 Sueños; Urban Peace Movement; Urban Strategies; and is being considered by others.

Contact: John Lindsay-Poland
American Friends Service Committee
[email protected]

Hearing On Status Of Accused Murderer of Kishana Harley

September 20th, 9 AM
Walnut Creek Juvenile Court, Walnut Creek Superior Court
640 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Pedie's 5th Year Memorial

Saturday, September 14th at Dusk (~6:30 PM)
@ Uncle Sam's Liquors
3322 Cutting Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804

What would have been Pedie's 30th birthday

September 30th

Candle-lighting * Balloon Release * Refreshments

Fight for Justice • Justice 4 Terry Amons

Rally & Speak Out at Pittsburg City Council

View or download as PDF

Monday, May 20, 2019

6:30 pm sharp • Rally

7:00pm • Speakout
During Public Comment Period at the City Council Meeting

Pittsburg City Council
65 Civic Ave
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(One block North on Railroad Ave Exit off HWY 4)
(Railroad Drive Stop at End of Line BART Extension Trolley)

Demand Number One: Fire Killer Cop Dillon Tindall

The people of Pittsburg are not safe with trigger happy cop Dillon Tindall on the police force. He has shown bad judgement in killing Terry Amons without just cause. At the very least, he must be fired to prevent further tragedy.

Demand Number Two: Pass the Richmond Ordinance

District Attorneys work closely every day with the police and rely on them to get convictions. More often than not they turn a blind eye to police misconduct. We need laws and policies that hold trigger happy cops accountable. The Richmond City Council, responding to public pressure, passed. an ordinance to have an independent investigation of all police killings, to avoid this conflict of interest. Pittsburg and other cities must pass similar laws as a first step to justice.

View or download the flyer as PDF

“Anger, questions over Hayward police killing roils council meeting”

East Bay Citizen / Steven Tavares / January 16, 2019

The Hayward City Council chambers erupted in chants of “Shut it down!” and “What are you hiding?!” after the family of Agustin Gonsalez, the 29-year-old father of two killed by Hayward police officer was again denied answers following the shooting last November on O’Neill Avenue.

Gonsalez family members and supporters delivered several public comments during a Hayward council meeting last month demanding for information from police. The family said Gonsalez struggled with a mental illness, but had held a full-time job (...) Some family members demanded police body-cam video of the incident, in addition, to an independent investigation. “This is a story that cries out trigger-happy police,” said Frank Runninghorse, a member of the Oscar Grant Committee. “The police can not investigate themselves. It’s like the fox guarding the hen house.”

Read the full article on EBCITIZEN.COM

Press Conference and Rally: Justice4Terry

Friday, January 11th 2019 — Martinez

What: Press Conference and Rally: Justice4Terry

When: Friday, January 11, 2019 11:30 AM—1 PM

Where: District Attorney’s Office, 900 Ward Street Martinez, CA

Who: Justice4Terry Committee and Family of Terry Amons, Jr.

Why: Full Investigation of Shooting/Killing of Terry Amons,Jr. by Pitttsburg Police

Contact: 510-674-8181 or 925-565-8392


Terry Amons, Jr., a 43 year old Black man, was shot and killed by Pittsburgh police late Friday night on January 12, 2018, while eating dinner inside his car outside of Nations Burgers in Pittsburgh, as was his habit before going to work on his night shift job as a delivery driver for Presidential Propane Company. The police claim that Terry was reaching for a gun, but body cam video, which clearly shows Amons attempting to comply with shouted contradictory orders from two cops with guns drawn and aimed at him. At no time did Amons make any move toward the holstered pistol that was in plain sight in the central storage area between the front seats.

The video shows Amons complying with orders to place his hands on the steering wheel, then attempting to comply with frantic commands to “get out of the car.” Before being senselessly gunned down while attempting to comply.

We hold the Pittsburgh PD responsible for murdering an innocent Black man. Terry’s mother, Sandra, said: “They executed my son. The Pittsburgh Police Department (PPD) illegally, without a warrant, searched Terry’s home after they killed him.” The PPD did not provide Terry’s family with the names of the officers involved. The Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights is the legal justification for withholding this information. Only months later did the Oscar Grant Committee learn the names of the Police Officers involved: Dillon Tindall, who fired the shots, and Jesus Arellano. According to the East Bay Times, the body cam video shows Terry being shot by Tindall after shouting “Do not reach for that fucking gun.” As Terry falls out of the car, he continues to say, “I wasn’t reaching for nothing, I swear to God.” Then the officers handcuffed him. Terry died at John Muir Medical Center in Martinez.

According to attorney John Burris, “I must admit, I do not see (Amons) reaching for that gun. I see him playing around with gloves, but certainly not reaching. He was trying to comply,” “I have reservations about the justification of this shooting, frankly.”

The police claim they were responding to a drug dealing complaint that provoked the initial contact. No drugs were found on Amons or in his car.

The family is considering filing a lawsuit. Family and friends of Terry Amons have launched an on-going struggle for Justice4Terry, along with the OGC, SURJ (Stand Up for Racial Justice), and others.

So far, three monthly protest actions have been held with up to 60 energetic people involved. Monthly meetings to plan ongoing events are open to the public.

Terry Amons Demo

Say Her Name — Vigil for Kishana Harley

Our dear friend and comrade Kishana Harley was found murdered in her home in Richmond Thursday. She was incredibly committed to making the world a better place for all people, and was as warm, caring and wonderful person as anyone could ever hope to meet. She worked tirelessly on a Value Human Life Bill petition and was a close friend and supporter of the Pedie Perez' family. Harley had four children, a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old, a 14-year-old, and an 18-year-old who just graduated from Marine boot camp. She was also deeply involved with the Oscar Grant Committee, the fight for justice in the police murder of Pedie Perez, and an activist who attended Richmond city council meetings on a regular basis.

There will be a vigil for Harley on
Thursday evening, July 26th at 6-8 PM
in the Richmond community center of the Monterey Pine apartment complex where she lived:
575 Berk Ave #11, Richmond, CA 94804

Get on the Bus to Sacramento: Public Safety Hearing, June 19th 2018

Pass AB 931, Stop Police Use of Force

View or download as PDF

On Tuesday, June 19, Assembly Bill 931, the Police Accountability and Community Protection Act, will be heard in committee for the first time.

We need to let the Legislature know that higher standards for police use of force is critical to save lives—they must pass AB 931 out of the Senate Public Safety Committee. AB 931 will make it more difficult for CA police to justify violent use of force against our communities. Show up to Sacramento on June 19 to pack the room and deliver a short ‘me too’ statement to the Senators to voice your support.

Travel support from Oakland to Sacramento

One charter bus will leave from Oakland on Tuesday morning, June 19. This bus will return on Tuesday, June 19.

Oakland pick up locations:

  • Fruitvale BART 5:45 am, 3401 East 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601
  • West Oakland BART 6:00 am, 1451 7th St, Oakland, CA 94607

RSVP and register for free travel and food

More info:

Justice4Pedie Update: May 3, 2018

Richmond police used excessive force against man killed by officers, citizen board says

View or download as PDF

The Perez Family and their supporters have been completely vindicated as Richmond’s Citizen Police Review Commission sustained their complaint that excessive force was used in the police killing of their son, Pedie Perez. This refutes the attempted police cover-up and opens the way for criminal prosecution of the offending officer. Here are some excerpts from a KTVU News report by Debora Villalon, dated May 3, 2018:

Richmond’s Citizen Police Review Commission, in a 7-1 vote, sustained a complaint that excessive and unreasonable force was used against 24-year- old Richard “Pedie” Perez. . . .The family hopes it prompts the Contra Costa County Grand Jury and the new District Attorney, to take a closer look at the incident. “The truth is what we're seeking,” said father Richard Perez, Jr. “after the police slandered my son.”

Read the full story on KTVU.com »

What Happens Next?

Will the full report ever be made public?

Although the Richmond Police Department and Police Officer Association refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of Officer Jensen or any kind of cover-up on their part, how can they expect community trust for their “community policing” program? How can the community expect improvement until the RPD admits something is wrong?

View or download the PDF for more info

Come to Oscar Grant's Memorial

On Monday, January 1, 2018, at 12 noon, Oscar’s family will hold the 9th Annual Memorial for him outside the Fruitvale BART station. The Oscar Grant Committee will set up a table, bring signs, and distribute literature. Join Us!

Three Years After His Death, the investigation of Pedie's killing continues

By Abené Clayton, Richmond Confidential, December 20, 2017

Pat Perez sat in the back row of the Richmond Citizen’s Police Review Commission’s November meeting, which she’s done every month since 2015. It’s a small conference room, on this night holding all eight review commissioners, and just 10 others, including city officials and representatives talking about police policy and crime rates. Pat Perez was joined by her husband, Richard, and their son Rick Perez Jr. She wore a sign around her neck, with her grandson’s face printed on it. His eyes looked upward...

Read the full article on RichmondConfidential.org »

Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Forums in San Francisco and Oakland, October 2017

View or download the flyer of this event as a PDF document

The Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

A Fight Against Racist U.S. Capitalism

Mumia Abu-Jamal, former Black Panther, MOVE supporter and journalist known as the “voice of the voiceless,” is an innocent and framed political prisoner.

A new legal action against judicial bias in his appeals opens the door to Mumia’s freedom. The judge ordered the DA to release evidence from its files, but the prosecution continues its cover-up.

For 35 years, Mumia has challenged his racially biased and politically motivated conviction. Winning Mumia’s freedom would be a victory not only for him, but an inspiration and support to all those battling the injustices of U.S. imperialism. This struggle requires a mass movement with international labor support.

Join Us! Free Mumia!

Public Forums

Rachel Wolkenstein, Lawyer for Mumia from the beginning of his case.
ALSO: Other speakers, and a special segment: solidarity with anti-fascist fighters.

San Francisco: 6:30 PM, 27th October 2017

Hastings Law School, 198 McAllister St, Room A
Co-sponsors for the SF forum: San Francisco Law School Chapter, and UC Hastings Chapter, National Lawyers Guild

Oakland: 7 PM, 28th October 2017

Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave.

ENDORSERS: Workers World Party, Justice for Palestinians, Leonard Peltier Support Group, Donna Wallach, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee, Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party, Taking Aim, Socialist Viewpoint, Bay Area National Lawyers Guild, Mobilization To Free Mumia, Kiilu Nyasha, Freedom Socialist Party, International Bolshevik Tendency, Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality, Revolutionary Workers Group/Speak Out Now, Critical Resistance Oakland, Haiti Action.

Oscar Grant Committee statement to Richmond City Council

At the October 3, 2017 Richmond City Council meeting, Gerald Smith delivered the following statement on behalf of the Oscar Grant Commitee:

In February 2026 the Richmond City Council passed an important piece of local legislation. Basically it stated that hence forward if a citizen of Richmond is shot by the Richmond police there will be an independent investigation not controlled by the Richmond Police Department or the city attorney’s office.

Why? Because there was a serious cover-up of the actual circumstances surrounding Pedie’s death. People that have read the relevant documentation know this.

Now the Richmond police union and the assistant city attorney have revealed at the August and September meetings of the Richmond Citizens Police Review Commission that they are dead set against a transparent independent investigation.

Time does not permit me to share more details. But the situation is crystal clear: Who runs this city? The people of Richmond through their elected representatives or corrupted individuals and organizations that have a direct conflict of interest in the public of this investigation. Thank you.

Oscar Grant Committee Letter to Sacramento DA about Yvette Felarca

View or download this letter as a PDF document

October 3, 2017

The Honorable Anne Marie Schubert
District Attorney of Sacramento County,
901 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
[email protected]

Dear District Attorney Schubert,

We continue to be deeply concerned about the prosecution Yvette Felarca on what appear to be trumped-up charges. We wrote earlier that her arrest in connection with the June 2016 events in Sacramento appeared to be a case of selective prosecution. Now it appears that the Berkeley Police Department is joining in, targeting Ms. Felarca in what appears to be a premeditated and unwarranted arrest on the part of the police. (See the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HZN1Qb44Yk.) This raises the question of possible collaboration between the police and the neo-fascists and white supremacists. In light of the vicious smear campaign against her by the Alt-Right, it could be argued that the police should be protecting Ms. Felarca, not harassing her further.

We fear that the recent arrest of Ms. Felarca may be used as a pretext to increase her bail, even though no one has suggested that she has become a flight risk. If anything, she has become more dedicated to her cause and is in no sense a flight risk.

In the interests of justice, the Oscar Grant Committee again urges you to drop the pending charges against Yvette Felarca and certainly her bail should not be increased in what might be seen as a punitive manner.


Eugene E Ruyle, Oakland, CA
For the Oscar Grant Committee
Against Police Brutality and State Repression

ILWU Local 10 vote unanimously to stop the fascists in San Francisco

The fascist “Patriot Prayer” group that staged violent racist provocations in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere, attracting Nazi and other violent white supremacists, has announced it will rally in San Francisco.

In response, International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) has voted unanimously to stop the fascists. The ILWU will gather on Saturday August 26, 10am at ILWU Union Hall, located on 400 North Point in San Francisco, and march to Chrissy Field.

Motion to Stop the Fascists in San Francisco

Whereas, the fascists, the KKK, Nazis and other white supremacists rallied and marched by torchlight in Charlottesville, whipping up lynch mob terror with racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic slogans, and

Whereas, that attack resulted in one anti-racist counter demonstrator murdered and many others injured when one of the fascist bullies ran them down with a car, and

Whereas, President Trump's whitewashing this violent, deadly fascist and racist attack saying “both sides are to blame”, and his attacking anti-racists for opposing Confederate statues that honor slavery adds fuel to the fire of racist violence, and

Whereas, the Klan, Nazis and other racist terrorists represent a deadly threat to African Americans, Latinos and immigrants, as well as Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ people among many others, and directly to members of our union and the labor movement as a whole, and

Whereas, the fascist “Patriot Prayer” group that staged violent racist provocations in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere, attracting Nazi and other violent white supremacists, has announced it will rally on Crissy Field on Saturday August 26, and

Whereas, far from a matter of “free speech”, the racist and fascist provocations are a deadly menace as shown in Portland on May 26 when a Nazi murdered two men and almost killed a third for defending two young African American women he was menacing; and our sisters and brothers in the Portland labor movement answered racist terror with the power of workers solidarity, mobilizing members of 14 unions against the fascist/racist rally there on June 4, and

Whereas, ILWU Local 10 has a long and proud history of standing up against racism, fascism and bigotry and using our union power to do so; on May Day 2015 we shut down Bay Area ports and marched followed by thousands to Oscar Grant Plaza demanding an end to police terror against African Americans and others; the San Francisco Bay Area is a union stronghold and we will not allow labor-hating white supremacists to bring their lynch mob terror here,

Therefore, ILWU Local 10 in the best tradition of our union that fought these rightwingers in the Big Strike of 1934, will not work on that day and instead march to Crissy Field to stop the racist, fascist intimidation in our hometown and invite all unions and antiracist and antifascist organizations to join us defending unions, racial minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ people, women and all the oppressed.

Bay Area Rally Against Hate: Sunday, August 27

Download and print the flyer

We're residents of the Bay Area -- people of color, working class people, immigrants, queer, lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people, liberals, leftists, and others. We think it's time to get together, to celebrate our differences in solidarity, and peacefully speak out against the hateful currents in American society.

Fascists and white supremacists are meeting in Berkeley to try to intimidate us and incite violence. We're meeting near UC Berkeley campus, blocks away and on the other side of the downtown, for a peaceful rally to speak to each other about the world we want. Join us, bring snacks, bring signs!

Sunday, August 27, 2017
from 10:30am

Crescent Lawn UC Berkeley
(Addison St. and Oxford St.)
Berkeley, California 94720

Support Eric Clanton: Statement from Eric Clanton

August 16, 2017

My name is Eric. I'm currently facing years of prison time as the result of accusations made in the most shockingly hateful parts of the internet. On April 19th I began being targeted by a dedicated swarm of internet trolls known for spewing racism, xenophobia, and misogyny onto the web. Suddenly a hit piece by Milo Yiannopolis caused the targeting to go viral. Several old social media photos were posted, online accounts hacked, addresses published, hundreds of calls to my employers, and countless threats of physical violence made against me, my coworkers, friends and many others. This harassment campaign is where the accusations against me originated.

Dealing with an unintelligible internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources. However, five weeks later the Berkeley police smashed into two houses, held guns to peoples' heads, handcuffed, verbally abused, and stole the belongings of over a dozen people including books and zines.

All of this after my attorney Dan Siegel had reached out to Berkeley police on my behalf, and all on the basis of an 'investigation' that largely involved detectives reading far right forum posts and studying unverified youtube videos. When I was interviewed at the police station detective Hong had the nerve to say to me, "the internet did the work for us." My case threatens to set a new standard in which right wing extremists can select targets for repression and have police enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them.

This is just one example of the police doing everything in their power to facilitate and to legitimize the violence and the rhetoric of the so-called alt-right. They are also criminalizing protesters who stood up to neo-Nazis last summer, hundreds of J20 and standing rock defendants. All of this from a system that has perfected criminalization through centuries of racist policing. All of this moves in a strategy to further chill dissent, and to clamp down on resistance to the dangerous and aggressive growth of the exact kind of white supremacist violence that we saw this last weekend.

RIP Comrade

Heather Heyer gave her life trying to stop the growth of this hate. She died defending decency, and may she rest peacefully knowing that struggle will continue and multiply. There's little comfort in words at times like these especially for people directly affected, but love and solidarity to her family and to everyone who is still physically and psychologically recovering from this brutality. We've got your back.

To all my supporters

I want to thank everyone who came to court for me last Thursday or tried to. I know it was much quicker and less climactic than we thought. Supporting me in this bizarre time is not only an act of care, but one of bravery and strength. Seeing that on display makes me feel our collective power. Thank you all for showing up and for all the diverse, creative, and intimate ways that support has materialized outside of court. Thank you especially to the close friends who have cared for me fearlessly and unfailingly.

The fear and anxiety that this creates is by design, and it ripples out by design, BUT we get to decide its effectiveness. Look out for each other, be safe, be careful, and think hard about what all that means in the changing landscape. Keep caring for one another too and don't be afraid. Keep building unity, creative struggle, and long-term strategies for expanding, and strengthening the communities that we live in and want to defend. We're stronger than they are! Solidarity always!

Special thanks to the Bay Area Anti Repression Committee and the Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal for helping build support, the Community Readiness Corps for helping keep me safe, and the amazing lawyers who have been donating their time to help me fight this!

More info on the Eric Clanton Support Committee website.

Oscar Grant Committee Letter to Richmond City Officials

View or download this letter as a PDF document

August 14, 2017

To: Richmond Mayor Tom Butt,
Members of the Richmond City Council,
Richmond Citizens Police Review Commission,
and City Attorney Bill Lindsay.

We have learned that, when our members attended the monthly meeting of the Richmond Citizens Police Review Commission (RCPRC) on 8/2/2017, to hear the results of the City-mandated investigation into the murder of Richard "Pedie" Perez, they, and 3 others, were made to leave the building. They had to stand outside for approximately 45 minutes. They were told that it was during that time that the details of the investigation were discussed. We have reviewed the Brown Act and we do not see which section(s) justify telling members of the public to leave, especially when the purpose of the Brown Act was to prevent meetings of Boards and Commissions, behind closed doors. What is especially egregious is the fact that the unjustified killing of Pedie Perez was traumatic enough for his loved ones, without incidents like what happened at the RCPRC meeting, adding insult to injury.

Please advise us as to where and what day/time the investigative report will be released to the public. Thank you very much. We hope to hear from you soon.


Gerald Smith, For The Oscar Grant Committee
Against Police Brutality and State Repression

An Injury to One Is An Injury to All.
Without Struggle There Is No Justice.

Issues Today: Justice For Pedie

Rally Held in Oakland To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!

July 8th 2017 — A rally in Oakland demanded freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal yesterday. A journalist, MOVE supporter, former Black Panther Party member and political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal was framed in 1981 for a crime he did not commit. His supporters have fought for his release since then, and this rally was held in solidarity with their call for actions world-wide on July 7th to free Mumia now!

The rally was built partly on the strength of Mumia's important victory against the prison system's years-long refusal to properly treat Mumia for his Hepatitis-C infection, in which Mumia came very close to death. Hep-C is a chronic condition faced by many prisoners in the US today.

Support From South African Workers For Mumia

Strong international support, including labor support, has come in for Mumia over many years. The following letter was sent in support of Mumia's struggle for proper and effective treatment for his Hep-C from NUMSA, the South African Metalworkers Union last year. NUMSA compared the treatment of US prisoners like Mumia today with that suffered by anti-apartheid fighters from the 1950s into the 1990s:

“The refusal of health care reminds us of the conditions we were put in (under) apartheid prisons where sick detainees were allowed to die in very deplorable lonely conditions in solitary as part of the punishment for their role in the struggle.” Letter to PA Governor Wolf from So. African Metalworkers Union. 21 January 2016.

Mumia has now been cured of his Hepatitis-C infection due to an international campaign and support from thousands of people like you, who refused to accept the official excuses, and demanded the full and effective anti-Hep-C treatment: “No Execution By Medical Neglect!”

7,000 other Pennsylvania prisoners with Hep-C, and thousands more across the US, stand to benefit from the precedent set by this important victory. Mumia's win against his Hep-C infection--which he contracted in a transfusion after being shot and almost killed by police in 1981--depended on this kind of mass support. With a movement like this, we hope to go on to free Mumia!

Rally Demands Truth of Mumia's Frame-Up!

The rally in Oakland was held to demand: Full Disclosure of Documents relating to Mumia's innocence and frame-up! and Free Mumia Now! Flyers on this event, explaining the reasons for the rally and Mumia's case, were distributed to many receptive workers leaving work in downtown Oakland on Friday.

The rally was led by former Black Panther and ex-longshore worker Gerald Sanders, and Ras Ceylan, a member of Chairman Fred Hampton Jr's POCC "Panther Cubs" (Prisoners Of Conscience Committee).

The rally was called by the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, and participated in by Oakland Teachers For Mumia, The Oscar Grant Committee, Workers World Party, ANSWER Coalition, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Haiti Action, Bay Area United Against War, CODEPINK, Freedom Archives, Socialist Viewpoint, Socialist Action, the Mobilization To Free Mumia, the Freedom Socialist Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Partisan Defense Committee, Doro Chiba (the Japanese Railway Workers Union), and the Hoshino Defense Committee.

Speakers Demand Mumia's Freedom!

Most of these supporters had speakers at the rally, covering Mumia's case and other related issues: Jack Heyman (ILWU Local 10 retired) spoke for the Labor Action Committee; Oakland teacher Bob Mandel for Oakland Teachers for Mumia; Tova Fry, Workers World Party; and Richard Becker of ANSWER.

Marsha Feinland spoke for for Peace and Freedom Party, and gave a clear denunciation of the capitalist two-party system. “I'm glad this demonstration is not just about Trump,” she said. She went on: “Who was it who signed the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act?” “Clinton!” roared back the crowd. “And what is his party?” “Democrat” said the crowd. “And who was it who refused to pardon Mumia on his last day in office?” “Obama!” “And his party?” “Democrat!” ‘Nuff said, and thanks to Marsha for this reminder.

Ricardo Ortiz-Perez of the Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico reported on the recent victory of the liberation of Oscar López Rivera, a Puerto Rican nationalist militant; Seto-San of the Hoshino Defense Committee and Doro-Chiba reported on Hoshino Fumiaki, a wrongly imprisoned anti-war activist in Japan; Gerald Sanders and Ras Ceylan spoke of the MOVE 9, framed for a crime they had nothing to do with; Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Action Committee reported on the struggle against US imperialism and its puppet government in Haiti; Carole Seligman of the Kevin Cooper Defense Committee spoke for freedom for Kevin Cooper, a falsely convicted prisoner now on death row in San Quentin; and several speakers called for freedom for Leonard Peltier, the native American leader falsely accused and still imprisoned for the deaths of two FBI agents, a crime he didn't commit.

Other supporters/speakers included: immigrant rights activist Cristina Gutierrez, who linked the struggle of black and brown workers to the struggle against US imperialism, and activist Alia Sharrief, who recited a spoken word poem of her creation.

Mumia Should Benefit From Williams v. Pennsylvania

Mumia's case for freedom is many-fold: he is a journalist who exposed the corrupt and racist police regime of Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia for it's brutal crackdowns on the MOVE organization. As a result of that he was targeted by police and almost killed in 1981 at the scene of a shooting; and he was then framed by cops, prosecutors and politicians as the shooter. One of those prosecutors, Ronald Castille, later sat in judgement over Mumia's appeals against this frame-up as a member of the PA Supreme Court, despite defense demands that he should recuse himself!

Now, a 2016 US Supreme Court ruling, Williams v. Pennsylvania, gives Mumia an opening: the Court says that a former prosecutor cannot later sit as a judge over the appeals of a case on which he was a prosecutor. Fairness, due procedure, unprejudiced judges, etc.: sounds obvious, doesn't it?

Not so fast: the courts have often twisted or dropped their precedents in order to uphold the framing of political prisoners and victims of racist frame-ups such as Leonard and Mumia; and in this case, the Philadelphia district Attorney's office is trying to deny Mumia's defense the court-ordered discovery of notes, instructions and documents that will show exactly how former DA and prosecutor Ronald Castille involved himself in Mumia's case. We need to make this happen: that is why we need a mass movement to free Mumia.

Build a Mass Movement To Free Mumia!

At the rally Friday, we had about a hundred more or less, and that was what we could muster on short notice. But we need to work toward a mass turnout to free Mumia. In 1995, thousands turned out to stop a death warrant issued against Mumia just before his appeal hearing of that year; and in 1999 the longshore workers of the ILWU shut down all the ports on the West Coast to free Mumia, and many of them (ILWU Local 10) came out to lead the march in SF to free Mumia on his birthday, April 24th. Also that same year, Oakland teachers mobilized to hold unauthorized teach-ins in the Oakland public schools on Mumia and the death penalty.

The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal calls for your help: let's build this important movement. Please respond to this email with any comments and/or offers of support.

Comply with the judge's order! Release all documents pertaining to Mumia's frame-up! Free Mumia and all victims of racist frame-ups! Build mass and workers' actions to free Mumia!

Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal — July 2017 — http://www.laboractionmumia.org/

Mumia's Struggle For Freedom at Crucial Stage!

End the Cover Up! Free Mumia Now!

RALLY: 4 PM Friday July 7th

Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been kept alive while on the slow death life imprisonment without parole, by those who came out to support him worldwide in the fight to get him hepatitis-C treatment! Now, let's act to finally free him!

“...I'm Hep C 'negative'! Aint't that a gas? I wanna thank you and the brothers in N. Cali for helping to make it happen. Without a people's movement we would have never gotten into ct. W/out it, we never coulda won...” Excerpt from Mumia's letter to the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Mumia's Hepatitis-C infection, which came from a blood transfusion in the hospital after he was critically wounded from police shooting him on December 9, 1981, is cured due to active support by thousands of supporters who tirelessly resisted the PA prison system's refusal to supply the needed medication. Mumia's federal legal victory is now the precedent to provide Hep-C treatment to thousands of prisoners.

Mumia's New Legal Action

Now, Mumia has a new legal action pending in the Pennsylvania courts, and the movement of Mumia's supporters worldwide has called for actions to free Mumia on July 7th.

Mumia's legal action is based on the 2016 US Supreme Court ruling in the case of Williams v Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court ruled that a prosecutor who “had significant personal involvement” in a “critical decision” cannot later sit in judgment in appeals concerning the very same case. This was found to be a conflict of interest, which violates the due process right to an impartial appeal. In the Williams case, the former DA, then judge, was one Ronald Castille. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Williams now has the right to re-litigate all of his legal arguments that were previously rejected.

In Mumia's case, the very same Ronald Castille was the Philadelphia District Attorney who argued to uphold Mumia's frame-up conviction and death sentence in 1989 and then as a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice denied all Mumia's post-conviction appeals from 1998-2008. Last August Mumia filed a post-conviction appeal based on the Williams decision. A legal victory in Mumia's action will reinstate his appeal rights to assert his innocence and the wholesale denial of his due process trial rights.

Mumia Won “Discovery” But DA's Office Stonewalls

On April 28, 2017 Mumia Abu-Jamal won in court against the prosecution motion to dismiss Mumia's new appeal. The judge also ordered the District Attorney's Office to disclose all files and information that would support Mumia's claims that his state appeal process was corrupted because Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald Castille was involved in prosecuting Mumia's appeals. Not surprisingly, the DA's office did not comply. Only public documents from Mumia's case that have Castille's name listed as District Attorney were released. Mumia's lawyers have demanded “full compliance” with the judge's order and the judge issued a new order to the DA to release the files by July 7.

The DA's office states there is no evidence of Castille's involvement in Mumia's case. This is a cover-up of the prosecutorial, police and judicial frame-up of Mumia. It is inconceivable that Castille as District Attorney did not make “critical decisions” on Mumia's appeal given that he was elected to that office as a “law-and-order” and pro-death penalty candidate. When he ran for Supreme Court justice he openly bragged that he put 45 men on death row. Castille also stated publicly that he was personally responsible for all filings in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mumia Challenges Race Discrimination and Lies in Prosecution

Mumia's appeals included direct challenges to the practice of racial discrimination in jury selection, as well as prosecution's arguments that told jury's they could ignore the responsibility for sentencing someone to death, since a defendant had “appeal after appeal.” Mumia also challenged the prosecution using his teenaged membership in the Black Panther Party to argue that Mumia had a life-long intent to kill a police officer. These issues were fought in the PA Supreme Court and then in the U.S. Supreme Court by Mumia while Castille was the District Attorney.

As DA, Castille produced a training videotape to instruct prosecutors how to evade the 1986 Batson decision, a US v Supreme Court ruling which banned racial discrimination in jury selection. Prosecutors were told how to keep Black people off their juries and how to conceal this discriminatory purpose.

During Mumia's 1988 appeals to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, the D.A.'s office argued that Mumia could not prove the prosecution's discriminatory motive when they removed Black people from his jury. The existence of the videotape, which was the very evidence of the discriminatory motive, was suppressed.

Former Prosecutor Sits In Judgement On Mumia's Case

As a PA Supreme Court Judge, Castille sat in judgment over all the appeals of Mumia's case since 1998, including the issues of his direct appeal—jury selection (Batson), jury integrity (appeal after appeal), membership in the Black Panther Party, as well as the new evidence of coercion of witnesses, of falsified ballistics, the confession of Arnold Beverly, who confessed to being the actual killer, and the racial bias of the trial and post-conviction hearing judge Albert Sabo, who stated, “I'm gonna help 'em fry the n----r”.

In 1996 and again in 2002 Mumia's lawyers demanded that Castille recuse himself from hearing the case, on account of his earlier role as prosecutor over the same case. In each instance, Castille refused to recuse himself, stating he had no knowledge of Mumia's case. Castille denied any knowledge of the DA/TV videotape.

Yet Castille's alleged “non-involvement” is what the current Philadelphia DA now wants us to believe, as their office has refused the full “discovery” of evidence of Castille's collusion (in framing Mumia), which was ordered by the Philadelphia Court earlier this year! This is why we call for action now.

Demand Full Disclosure of Documents in Mumia's Case!

We need to free Mumia now, and demand full disclosure of documents in his case! The Williams decision could lead to the throwing out of all the negative decisions on Mumia's appeals by the PA Supreme Court, which, in turn, could lead to throwing out his original false conviction! But all of Mumia's scant victories in court, such as the reversal of his original death sentence, have depended on the mass mobilization of his supporters worldwide.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a journalist, a former Black Panther, a MOVE supporter and an innocent political prisoner. His freedom from false murder charges is long overdue, after 36 years for a crime he did not commit. Winning Mumia's freedom is a fight against this injustice system and paves the way for others, as did his victory to get Hep-C treatment, which is precedent for Pennsylvania prisoners as well as other thousands nationwide.

Former political prisoners such as Panther Albert Woodfox, whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, and Puerto Rican Nationalist/activist Oscar Lopez Rivera have recently achieved freedom with the help and support of masses of supporters. Now, let us move on.

In 1995 we mobilized in the thousands against the death warrant issued by the Pennsylvania governor; and in 1999 Longshore workers on the entire West Coast of the US shut down all ports to free Mumia. Also in 1999, Oakland teachers held unauthorized teach-ins in Oakland Schools on Mumia and the death penalty.

Join us at Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland, on Friday July 7th, at 4pm. Rally and march to the Federal Building, with flyers to distribute on Mumia's case. Solidarity with Mumia and all his worldwide supporters! Free Mumia Now!

End the Cover Up! Free Mumia Now!

RALLY: 4 PM Friday July 7th

Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland

The July 7th action, called by the Labor Action To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal in Oakland, is initially endorsed by: Oakland Teachers For Mumia, Oscar Grant Committee, Oscar Grant's Uncle Bobby of Love Not Blood Campaign, Workers World Party, Speak Out, Party of Socialism and Liberation, ANSWER Coalition, Freedom Socialist Party, Socialist Viewpoint, Mobilization To Free Mumia, Socialist Action, and Doro Chiba-the Japanese Railway Workers Union.

Download the flyer for this event (PDF)

Ground Breaking Police Policy Faces First Test

Justice4Pedie is Justice4All

In January 2016, the Richmond City Council responded to a grassroots social justice movement by establishing a new police accountability policy desiigned to protect Richmond residents from unjust police violence by holding police accountable for such actions. The new procedure requires a special investigaion, independent of the Police and District Attorney, of any police killing or serious injury caused by police. If successful, this new policy could inspire other cities across America to follow its example as a measure to stop the epdemic of unjust police violence that plagues our nation.

The first test of this landmark policy will be the case of Pedie Perez, a young man shot and killed by Richmond Police Officer Jensen on September 14, 2014, leading to widespread community concern over a possible cover-up.

The social justice movement, the people of Richmond, and the whole nation are watching. Attend this public forum which will outline the facts of this case, the progress of the investigation, and the implications for the broader struggle for justice here in Richmond and across the nation.

Justice4Pedie Community Meeting

Featured speakers include:

Jovanka Beckles
Vice Mayor, City of Richmond; Candidate for State Assembly, 15 AD (2018)

Eduardo Martinez
Councilmember, Richmond City Council

Other community leaders are being invited

Saturday, June 24, 2017 4–6 PM
Doors open at 3:30, forum starts promptly at 4 pm
Richmond Public Library, Whittlesey Community Room
325 Civic Center Plaza. Richmond, CA 94804

Co-sponsored by: Richmond Progressive Alliance, Oscar Grant Committee, and Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter

For info: Gene Ruyle 510-332-3865 or email: [email protected]

Labor donated by OGC Volunteers 6/14/2017

Flyer for 'The Fight for Mumia: Support for Our Political Prisoners'Download the flyer for The Fight for Mumia event

The Fight for Mumia

Support for Our Political Prisoners

:: Spoken Word :: Panel Discussion :: Live Performance ::

February 24, 2017 5–9pm
at The Alan Blueford Center
2434 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

There is a Need for the 'Value Human Life' Bill

Pedie Perez, murdered by the Richmond Police

Please sign the Change.org petition below:

Proposed Initiative Measure for a 'Value Human Life' Bill

We the undersigned see a dire need for change. The average American taxpayer understands that communities need good police officers and they are willing to compensate them with a great salary and benefits for their commitment to protect and serve. As law-abiding taxpayers and residents of those communities, we are no longer willing to tolerate our tax dollars being used to reward cowardly-incompetent police officers.

An incompetent officer, is an officer equipped with a bullet proof vest, pepper spray, a taser, a baton, a radio to call for assistance, a canine police-companion and training in hand-to-hand combat, but favors using deadly force; knowing that the police department will rally in support of their actions, simply because they are members of the same union.

Since 1974, police officers have benefited tremendously from having additional rights bestowed upon them, through the passage of Joe Biden's Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights. Yet, the taxpayers have not gained any additional protection under the law. As a result, each year there are hundreds of officer involved homicides, which the general public overwhelmingly believes were 100% preventable.

Despite having an understanding of basic criminal laws and tactical training, the number of people killed by the police, is a clear indication that there is a need for legislation to protect citizens. We need protection from officers who have undetected mental illness, egos, unknown biases and the propensity to kill although other options are available. There is no test that can accurately detect those character traits because no one can be certain of what's in a person'sheart.

As taxpayers, who are concerned about everyone's safety, it is time to reaffirm the value of human life by putting our support behind a Value Human Life Bill.

Value Human Life Bill

Click for PDF

First, police officers who kill or cause serious injury to an unarmed civilian must be suspended without pay during the investigation. Due to the nature of the job, officers should be required to carry insurance that will help their families financially if this were to happen. A police officer's CalPERS Industrial Disability Insurance will not be pre-funded by tax dollars.

Second, police departments cannot investigate themselves. The blue code of silence and cover-up is blatant, and it's evident in the long list of no conviction cases. There are too many cases where charges are not filed by top officials despite physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, contradicting the police department's statement of events. The investigation process must include an immediate toxicology exam. In addition, unedited civilian video recordings must be considered evidence.

Third, police officers who fire upon an unarmed or legally armed civilian who is not in the act of committing a felony offense will be fired, and charges brought against that officer. They do not get to continue their careers within law enforcement. Taxpayers will not cover the cost of that officer's legal defense.

Fourth, the number of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American police should be proportionate and reflective of the members of that particular city. Officers should be working in pairs, with those officers identifying as two different races.

Written with love, signed in blood. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions regarding this petition, please visit justice4pedie.com, email K. Harley at [email protected], or email Patricia Perez at [email protected].

This petition will be delivered to:

Please sign the Proposed Initiative Measure for a 'Value Human Life' Bill petition on Change.org

End Police Terror in Oakland, Drop All Charges Against Omar Shakir Now!

We are calling for community support at the Omar Shakir's next court hearing:

1225 Fallon St. Oakland, CA 94612, Department 11
Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 9:00am

End Police Terror in Oakland, Drop All Charges Against Omar Shakir Now! (Front)

End Police Terror in Oakland, Drop All Charges Against Omar Shakir Now! (Back)

Demand Resignation of Contra Costa DA Mark Peterson

January 18, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

DA's Office
900 Ward Street
Martinez, CA 94553

(directions / view map)


Demand Resignation of DA Mark Peterson
District Attorney's Office
900 Ward St, Martinez, CA 94553

Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 12 Noon

Dear Friends,

It is time to act. How much shameless corruption are we going to tolerate? As a community, we must fight back.

Contra Costas District Attorney Mark Peterson has violated the law. He has admitted to embezzlement, fraud, and perjury. He claims to be "humbled and embarrassed" by his errors of judgment;" he says he will pay a fine for his "mistakes and errors." Admission of guilt does not negate the fact that he broke the law and was caught red-handed only after an audit was conducted.

As the top law enforcement official, DA Mark Peterson is required to uphold and enforce the law but has failed miserably at his job. He lacks the ability to act in an ethical and lawful manner. He has proven repeatedly that he has no integrity. For instance, he publicly blamed unarmed 24 year old Pedie Perez for causing his own murder and has contributed to the cover-up by not charging the officer despite overwhelming evidence that contradicts Officer Wallace Jensen's LIES. Eyewitnesses reported to the family and police that Pedie never tried to take the officer's gun and even DNA supports their statements. DA Mark Peterson lacks the ability to analyze facts, and exercise impartial judgement based on the evidence provided.

Citizens are prosecuted for embezzlement, fraud and perjury. Why shouldn't he be charged according to his crimes? We don't get to pay fines and keep our $300K annual salary!!! When is he going to be prosecuted? When is his license to practice law going to be revoked?

A demonstration of concerned Contra Costa County residents and supporters is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18, at 12 noon to demand Mark Peterson's resignation. We will assemble at DA Mark Peterson's Office at 900 Ward St, Martinez.

Attorney Pamela Price will be speaking at the event. Ms. Price is the gutsy attorney who rescued the main witness in the police sex scandal after the Richmond Police Department sent her to Florida.

Thank you for your support, on behalf of Justice4Pedie.com and the Oscar Grant Committee

Also, please sign the Change.org petition demanding Mark Peterson RESIGN!

Solidarity with journalists and activists covering the events at the Dakota Access Pipeline

Recently we have observed a disturbing increase in the criminalization of journalists and activists covering the events at the Dakota Access Pipeline and elsewhere. If you haven't read about it yet, check out this page.

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee stands with Democracy Now outstanding journalist Amy Goodman and film maker Deia Schlosberg for courageously following the vitally important struggle against the Dakota Oil Pipeline, and reporting on it to keep the people informed.

These two women are peoples' heroes and deserve to be commended for their actions, not arrested and persecuted for covering the news!

Schlosberg is charged with 3 felonies and faces up to 45 years in prison.

We condemn the state authorities for bringing these outrageous charges, that are clear assaults on thee "Freedom of the Press" and the First Amendment, and thus, an attack on the American people as well as the world eco-system.

We call upon all freedom loving people to speak out, protest, and demonstrate against this arrest and prosecution. We demand all charges be dropped!

The OGC is sending the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe $100 in solidarity.

Solidarity with Yvette Felarca!

Yvette Felarca was docked 17 days pay & suspended facing dismissal from her MLK Middle School classroom without any administrative hearing by the Berkeley Unified School District for the crime of fighting back against violent Nazis holding a rally on the steps of the state capitol.

Read / download the Oscar Grant Committee's statement of solidarity with ELD teacher Yvette Felarca (PDF document)

Public letter to Colin Kaepernick

Dear Colin Kaepernick,

Colin Kaepernick

The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression applaud you for taking a stand in an attempt to shine a light on what we feel is one of the greatest atrocities of our day, the unwarranted killing of black and brown people across this country by the repressive apparatus of the state, the police.

It is a bold and courageous statement you are making. One that is sure to cost you professionally. However, regardless of the cost to you personally, you have chosen to throw in with the powerless and the oppressed to bring an end to this evil in order, to advocate for true justice and liberty for all, in short to truly live up to the ideals which our flag is supposed to represent.

Be aware, Mr. Kaepernick, you are now in the cross hairs of those who are the enemies of social justice and like many of the progressive peoples' heroes of the past you will suffer retaliation. But true heroes have always been willing to pay that price. Your principled stand will inspire others to get off the sidelines and take the field of action and make some plays to advance social justice in this country.

The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality And State Repression has been organizing and speaking out in behalf of the victims murdered by bad cops ever since we were formed in 2010 in response to the unjustified killing of Oscar Grant by Johannes Mehserle, who was a BART Policeman at the time. We are not anti-police, we are pro-life, black and brown lives in particular. We are tired of seeing them cut short by the people who have sworn to protect them.

Reactionary elements in our society rail against the messengers of inconvenient truths, become outraged about perceived slights to our cherished symbols of authority, yet often remain far too silent about the injustices that makes it necessary to speak out in the first place.

The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality And State Repression will continue to speak out against police misconduct and stand with the families whose loved ones have been murdered by bad cops, and we will continue to stand with you Mr. Kaepernick.

The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality And State Repression extends the invitation to Colin Kaepernick to collaborate with us & explore ways we can work together to advance the struggle.

OGC Contact: Gary Hall (web site editor)
(510) 712­9394 or (415) 623-6473
[email protected]

Note: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression is not to be mistaken for the Oscar Grant foundation. We are two different organizations.

Charge Killer Cops, Gascon!

DEMAND the DA George Gascon charge killer cops.

Protest the police

The Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition is taking our demands to District Attorney George Gascon. Bring a friend(s) and meet us at the rally! We'll see you at 850 Bryant Street on Friday, October 7th at 12:00 pm.

Justice For Mario Woods Coalition
Facebook: facebook.com/Justice-For-Mario-Woods-Coalition-336100619846955/
Twitter: @Justice4MWNow
Instagram: @Justice4MarioWoodsNow

Resolution passed May 3, 2016

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression opposes and condemns the use of collective punishment by any police or military force. We consider such policies war crimes against the people of the world.

We oppose and condemn any politician, Donald Trump or any other who advocates such a war crime as policy. We must fight them every step of the way.

The Nazis routinely practiced collective punishment in their conquered territories, sometimes wiping out entire villages. NEVER AGAIN!

Resolutions passed on April 5 2016

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression opposes and condemns Donald Trump's call for increased state repression of U.S. Government prisoners through the use of waterboarding and other even harsher methods of torture. The progressive movement must vigorously oppose these torture techniques as a dangerous move in the direction of a repressive police state.

RESOLVED: The Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression recognizes and endorses Senator Bernie Sanders's call to investigate every police killing of an unarmed civilian and any death of a prisoner in police custody. We support building a mass movement to implement these demands.

Press Conference/Speakout: Justice for Pedie Perez!

Press Conference

Activists gathered with the Perez family before the Richmond City Council meeting to explain why they are insisting that the city conduct a truly independent investigation of the fatal shooting of Pedie Perez on Sept. 14 2014 by Richmond Police officer Wallace Jensen. They then spoke during the Council's Open Forum period.

Oscar Grant Anniversary 1/1/16

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

SF Police Commission Meeting Following Mario Woods Shooting

Gerald S., Stan W., and Steve J. of the Oscar Grant Committee went to the SF Police Commission meeting on 12/9/15 following the shooting of Mario Woods and gave this report:

[Gerald Smith:]
At 5 pm Wednesday nite there was a rally on the front step of SF City Hall. About 500 attended this rally and tried to get in the SF Police Commission meeting. Our forces, the working class opposition to police brutality, were not well organized, as per the related events that preceded this meeting (the Vigil 12/3/15 about 1,000 participants, the Town Hall Meeting 12/4/15 just under 1,000 participants) Because there were so many people the SF Police Commission bureaucrats had to set up an overflow room in which was a TV screen broadcasting the Police Commission meeting.

[Stan Woods:]
The racial/ethnic composition was good with at least half of the crowd black, latino, and asian. Approx. half of the crowd was white. Also, many youth participated.

[Steve Jacobsen:]
There was a crowd of protesters at SF City Hall, many speaking to the Police Commission. About 200-300 couldn't get into the hearing, but they stayed in the hallway doing mike-checks. Several young women led the crowd yelling chants for Police Chief Suhr and Mayor Ed Lee to resign. They were fired up. They fired up everybody in the building. It is the spark to create the fire that will result into another Ferguson. Also the people called for the six guilty officers to be indicted for this murderous crime. It felt like the beginning of the Sixties.

Original video of shooting (16 sec)

Advise Show News (11 min)

San Jose Mercury News story on Policemen's union statement regarding the shooting (with video)

Vigil for Kendall Walker in Vacaville

Friends, family recall man who died in police shooting

ACLU App Empowers People against Police Brutality

The app is a tool to preserve documentation of police brutality.

The Californian branch of the civil liberties group ACLU launched a free smart phone app on Thursday to guarantee they can document and preserve recorded instances of police brutality.

The app allows ordinary people to both record and document encounters with state authorities from their cellphones while having it instantaneously transmitted to the ACLU's servers. In light of past instances in which authorities have deliberately confiscated or destroyed such evidence, the app would guarantee the recordings' preservation. It also allows people to send an alert to anyone in close range to the incident in order to potentially facilitate an organized community response. Get the ACLU App.