Fatal Errors

by Dennis J. Bernstein. The following three-part series reprinted with permission of WhoWhatWhy.org, an independent, nonprofit news site

Part 1 Police Brutality in Tucson

“Get on the f—ing ground!” cops yell.

“OK, OK, please,” Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez desperately pleads as he drops to all fours, naked, disoriented, and terrified in a darkened corner of his grandmother’s Tucson garage. 

He wails and screams as three officers swoop down on him, forcing his face into the floor as they double handcuff his arms behind his back. He offers no resistance, apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I love everybody.” He cries out for his grandmother to help, “Nana, ayúdame! … Please give me some water. … I can’t breathe!”

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