The Demouria Hogg case

On June 6, 2015 Oakland Police Officer Nicole Rhodes shot Demouria Hogg to death. Hogg had been unconscious behind the wheel of a BMW that, according to San Francisco police, had been involved in a robbery and a chase there the night before. Firefighters had reported seeing a firearm in the passenger’s seat, and police tried for an hour to rouse Hogg with loudspeakers, beanbag rounds, and by breaking the car’s windows. Finally they sent one officer in to grab the gun while Officer Rhodes provided covering fire through the windshield. Although she said she couldn’t see Hogg clearly, she also said that she saw him reach over to the passenger’s seat where the gun was still sitting. Rhodes fired two shots at Hogg, killing him (another officer fired a taser at about the same time).

The Community Response Team of the Anti Police-Terror Project interviewed 15 witnesses to the police action; read or watched media reports; listened to publicly-posted recordings of police, sheriff’s, and fire department radio chatter during the operation; analyzed bystanders’ photos and video of the scene; and discussed the case with an officer from another jurisdiction. A slightly edited version of the report is here.