Oscar Grant Committee statement to Richmond City Council

At the October 3, 2017 Richmond City Council meeting, Gerald Smith delivered the following statement on behalf of the Oscar Grant Commitee:

In February 2016 the Richmond City Council passed an important piece of local legislation. Basically it stated that hence forward if a citizen of Richmond is shot by the Richmond police there will be an independent investigation not controlled by the Richmond Police Department or the city attorney’s office.

Why? Because there was a serious cover-up of the actual circumstances surrounding Pedie’s death. People that have read the relevant documentation know this.

Now the Richmond police union and the assistant city attorney have revealed at the August and September meetings of the Richmond Citizens Police Review Commission that they are dead set against a transparent independent investigation.

Time does not permit me to share more details. But the situation is crystal clear: Who runs this city? The people of Richmond through their elected representatives or corrupted individuals and organizations that have a direct conflict of interest in the public of this investigation. Thank you.