Oscar Grant Committee Letter to Sacramento DA about Yvette Felarca

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October 3, 2017

The Honorable Anne Marie Schubert
District Attorney of Sacramento County,
901 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear District Attorney Schubert,

We continue to be deeply concerned about the prosecution Yvette Felarca on what appear to be trumped-up charges. We wrote earlier that her arrest in connection with the June 2016 events in Sacramento appeared to be a case of selective prosecution. Now it appears that the Berkeley Police Department is joining in, targeting Ms. Felarca in what appears to be a premeditated and unwarranted arrest on the part of the police. (See the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HZN1Qb44Yk.) This raises the question of possible collaboration between the police and the neo-fascists and white supremacists. In light of the vicious smear campaign against her by the Alt-Right, it could be argued that the police should be protecting Ms. Felarca, not harassing her further.

We fear that the recent arrest of Ms. Felarca may be used as a pretext to increase her bail, even though no one has suggested that she has become a flight risk. If anything, she has become more dedicated to her cause and is in no sense a flight risk.

In the interests of justice, the Oscar Grant Committee again urges you to drop the pending charges against Yvette Felarca and certainly her bail should not be increased in what might be seen as a punitive manner.


Eugene E Ruyle, Oakland, CA
For the Oscar Grant Committee
Against Police Brutality and State Repression