Mario Romero

Picture of Mario Romero In the early morning hours of September 2, 2012 Mario Romero was brutally killed by the Vallejo Police Department as he and his brother-in-law sat in front of their home on their way to return to their wives and children. However, before they were able to leave their car, they were sprayed with bullets by bloodthirsty police officers on a mission to seek and destroy. The Vallejo police officers admit they never identified themselves, never asked for a driver’s license, insurance or registration. Instead. they told the men to raise their hands at the same time they fired upon them with brutality that mirrored the actions of Nazis. The officers reloaded round after round into their clips as witnesses screamed for them to spare the lives of these two innocent men. They continued to spray the car with bullets, living out a scene from a video game, jumping up on the car’s hood.

The community of Vallejo is outraged by the excessive force that has been used on its citizens and all of the distortions in the stories. The police have attempted to paint this man as a drug dealing gangster with ties to a neighborhood that he had just moved into in an attempt to smoke screen a murder that they commited. They stole his body from the scene of the crime and have held it hostage from his loved ones. They have intimidated the San francisco Bay Area media by telling them not to cover the rallies on the front porch of the Vallejo Police Department filled with hundreds of saddened citizens in fear for their safety. They did not allow Mario’s mother to see the body of her brutally murdered child for almost a month.

Website: Justice for Mario Romero